Saronic Gulf islands

The Saronic Gulf islands – The Argosaronic islands

harbour on Hydra island in Greece
harbour on Hydra island in Greece

The six islands of the Saronic Gulf or the Argosaronic islands, are considered to be priceless jewels. They are located just half an hour by ferry or hydrofoil from Piraeus, the temptation is to treat the islands as an extension of the mainland, or specifically, suburbs of Athens. This is partially true: Athenians build summer homes on the islands; islanders farm the mainland on the other side of a strait which may be only several hundred feet wide.
Merchants, too, have been quick to exploit the proximity. The short cruise from Piraeus which calls at three Saronic islands is a very popular attraction for tourists visiting Athens, rivalled, perhaps, only by Delphi as the most enjoyable day spent out of town. When the cruise ships mingle with the hydrofoils, the ferry boats, and the regularly-scheduled caiques, there is often a virtual traffic jam on the waves, and foreigners greatly outnumber Greeks at most Saronic ports.
In spite of all this, the islands are distinctive, rich in history and— behind the crowds and chi-chi boutiques—remarkably attractive. Salamis is renowned for the epoch-making naval battle in 480 B.C. which decided the outcome of the Persian Wars. Aegina is the site of the Temple to Aphaia, one of the most important antiquities located on any Greek island.
Poros has been immortalized by Hehry Miller in one of his books and Spetsai by John Fowles in one of his novels. Not to be outdone, Hydra is the part-time home of the singer Leonard Cohen, who can occasionally be seen in the local cafes and bars.

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  • The Saronic Gulf Islands
  • Traditions of the Saronic Gulf Islands
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