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I have been teaching Greek as a second language for the last ten years. the Greek grammar is quite difficult at first glance but when you get past the shock, then it is really quite simple. I also learnt Greek as a second language so I understand where the difficulties are in the grammar. I have taught students that have started from the beginning and have been able to have a normal conversation in less than five months. I think that learning depends on how much you want to learn. Here are a few pages that will help you learn how to read and write in Greek and to learn some basic vocabulary and grammar.

If you would like to continue learning the Greek language, then lessons are available world wide through skype. The cost is 10 Euros a lesson but you can get a head start from the lessons that are offered for free here!

Contact through skype: papibi99 or

You can also see more details for Greek language lessons through skype here :

Greek language work book